Edivate’s evidence-based, personalized professional development supports ESSA, GaPSC, and SB 364

New guidelines from GaPSC and the Georgia SB 364 Quality Education Act require districts to personalize professional learning utilizing “evidence-based” resources, and, in a shift that emphasizes continual learning, professional growth now makes up 20% of the overall evaluation of Georgia teachers.

For administrators, these new guidelines raise some important questions:

  1. How are they going to provide personalized, evidence-based, professional learning resources to support these goals and plans?
  2. How do they plan to monitor these goals and plans?
  3. What resources will they need?
  4. Do they have the time to meet these new requirements?

Schools and districts across the state have discovered there’s an easy answer:


For over 25 years, School Improvement Network has worked with schools and teachers in supporting excellent, personalized professional learning.

Edivate—our award winning professional learning platform—makes it easier than ever for educators to get the support they need to reach their goals and implement new legislative mandates from the federal Every Child Succeed Act (ESSA), requirements from GAPSC, and the Georgia SB 364 Quality Education Act to personalize professional learning utilizing “evidence-based” resources.

With a specific focus and alignment with GA TKES, LKES, and Teacher Assessment and Performance Standards (TAPS), Edivate offers multiple options to infuse the state’s educator support and evaluation system with on-demand, targeted professional learning experiences (LXs) tailored to each teacher’s observed needs, professional growth goals, and student learning objectives.

That’s why Edivate is such a POWERFUL TOOL; it creates highly PERSONALIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCES for all of your educators, helping them improve their practice and raise STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT.

That’s why Edivate is such a powerful tool; it creates highly personalized learning experiences for all of your educators, helping them improve their practice and raise student achievement.

To support continual growth, the Edivate personalized professional learning system includes:

Large library of rich PD content

A library of over 3,000 standards-aligned professional learning videos modeling best practices and addressing key topics in education, including Georgia Standards of Excellence.

TKES- and LKES-aligned professional learning

Educator observation and evaluation tools that connect PD aligned with TAPS to each educator’s observed needs.

Self-reflection questions

Self-reflection exercises with each video to support the metacognitive analysis that research shows increases the application of new knowledge to actual practice.

Collaborative video analysis

Edivate Review tools that allow educators to post both custom videos and PD library videos for collaborative review, peer mentoring, and discussion.


Bite-sized chunks of competency-based learning allow learners to progress through their PD goals as they demonstrate mastery of skills—regardless of time, place, or pace of learning.

Varied learning resources

Multiple electronic professional learning resources including digital interactive book studies, video exemplars of best practices, webinars, reflection, discussion guides, exemplary lesson plans, and interactive online discussion groups.

Professional growth plans

Evidencebased, personalized professional learning plans that support each educator’s professional growth goals and student learning objectives.

Custom courses

Online courses created to meet the specific needs of schools and districts.

Downloadable resources

Facilitator guides for every video, including lesson plans supporting standards-based modeling, discussion guides and questions, and related research.

Collaboration platform

Tools to host, facilitate, and participate in online PLCs ranging from statewide public groups to smaller private groups with only invited participants.

Reporting and data analysis

Tools and reports for managing a system-wide professional learning program.


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