Carolyn Chapman is an internationally recognized educational consultant, speaker, author, and teacher. She brings real-life experience from her many years as a teacher of every age group, from kindergarten through college, to her consultations with schools. Ms Chapman is widely known for her interactive, energetic, and practical approach to teacher professional development. Ms. Chapman is an expert in many areas, including differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, integrating curricula, and authentic assessment. Her strength lies in being able to transfer theories into effective classroom practices. Ms. Chapman believes in students’ ability to learn and in the necessity of making learning enjoyable, exciting, and personal to each student.

A prolific writer, Ms. Chapman has been involved in the production of many of books. She authored If the Shoe Fits…How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom. She co-authored Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in Content Areas, Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in Content Areas, Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences, Multiple Intelligences through Centers and Projects, Differentiated Assessment Strategies: One Tool Doesn’t Fit All, and Test Success in the Brain Compatible Classroom. In addition to writing, Ms. Chapman has also been involved in multimedia resources, such as Carolyn Chapman in Differentiated Instruction and Carolyn Chapman’s Making the Shoe Fit.

Ms. Chapman runs The Creative Learning Connection, a company she founded to further her goals of helping teachers improve and students achieve.

Through our products featuring Carolyn Chapman your system will:

  • Help teachers gain a belief in the importance of differentiation in order to meet the needs of all students.
  • Increase teachers’ confidence in their ability to differentiate instruction.
  • Learn to plan lessons and design tasks which enable all students to learn.
  • See how to refine current practices in order to differentiate.
  • Explore how to be intentional in instructional delivery for maximum student learning.

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