Cathy Caro-Bruce is a Staff and Organization Development Specialist for the Madison Metropolitan School District. She leads the classroom action research for the district, and has successfully helped to implement action research in schools throughout the district.

Ms. Caro-Bruce is the author of Action Research: Facilitator’s Handbook, published by Learning Forward. She has also published several articles and book chapters. Ms. Caro-Bruce received a grant from the Spencer and MacArthur Foundations to examine the impact of action research on teachers and students. In 1998, she was the recipient of the Best Non-Dissertation Award from the National Staff Development Council.

Through our products featuring Cathy Caro-Bruce your system will:

  • See how educators examine their own practice and use the techniques of research to increase student learning.
  • Discover the advantages of the action research group, where thoughtful questions are asked and data is collected, analyzed, and acted upon.
  • Start projects by inquiring about areas of interest or concerns in practice.
  • Identify how to triangulate data and write about findings.

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