The Art of Guided Reading

Cindy Cantrell is an expert in reading development and has been training educators for more than a decade on how to support literacy. She passionately believes that educators are granted the privilege to transform the lives of children and strives to train teachers to enable them to do so.

Ms. Cantrell has taught children from kindergarten to fifth grade, as well as students at the college level. She is the founder of Smarty Pants Press, a company that makes products aimed at helping children learn to read in creative, imaginative ways.

Through our product featuring Cindy Cantrell your system will:

  • Learn to recognize what Guided Reading looks like at each phase of student development.
  • Understand how and when the focus of instruction changes to support readers.
  • Discover the strategies that empower each phase of reading development.
  • See strategies aimed at helping educators teach reading more effectively.

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