David is Co-Director of Thinking Schools International (TSI), a consulting group that works around the world to share an integrated approach to schoolwide transformation in places such as Ethiopia, Norway, India, Lithuania, the UK, South Africa, Malaysia, and Thailand. His Thinking Maps model has been used across the United States and in a dozen other countries since 1990. In 2004, David started Thinking Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting research on thinking, leading, and learning for those with the greatest needs. David’s newest book, Pathways to Thinking Schools (Corwin/Sage Press; 2014), offers the research foundations for supporting the transformation of classrooms, whole schools, systems, and even countries toward sustaining student-centered thinking and learning over time.

David is an engaging workshop leader and speaker, often drawing from his international and local cross-cultural experiences to challenge and refute existing myths that may be holding back significant change around the world. His early life and teaching experiences in Oakland and Berkeley, California, influenced his focus on developing every student’s abilities to think. His focus deepened while doing research at UC Berkeley and Harvard schools of education, with guidance from Drs. Art Costa and David Perkins. David often engages audiences large and small through rich video clips connected to up-to-date research and case study documentation from a variety of classrooms from over 30 years of work in the field.