Coaching and Learning Framework

Through their experience as founders of the School Improvement Network and producers of the The Video Journal of Education, Blanch and John Linton have personally visited over 2,500 classrooms throughout North America over the last 16 years. During that period, they have carefully studied and documented nearly every major educational research-based initiative that increases student learning, working personally with more than 130 international experts, researchers, and best-selling authors. With each initiative, Blanch and John study real teachers in real classrooms, resulting in hundreds of professional development programs that show teachers real and practical ways to increase student achievement.

As former educators, Blanch (elementary) and John (secondary) believed that it should be possible that every child could learn at high levels—regardless of socioeconomic or racial backgrounds. Through visiting classrooms, training teachers around the country, and documenting best practices, Blanch and John now know that every child can and should achieve at high levels—and they are dedicated to helping educators throughout the world reach that noble but essential goal.

John and Blanch reside near Salt Lake City which keeps them close to their thirteen grandchildren. When not traveling for work, they enjoy traveling for pleasure throughout the world.