With more than 40 years of experience in education, Dr. John Champlin is one of the field’s most distinguished consultants. He serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Quality Learning, an organization which he founded to help schools systematically make positive changes. He has worked with more than 250 school districts across the country to assist in redesigning their districts to promote effective learning for all students.

Dr. Champlin began his career in education as a secondary teacher and later became a school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent of Johnson City Schools in New York. He also served as a Professor of Education Administration at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Champlin is a sought-after speaker at national, state, and local conferences. He has published numerous articles on educational topics and has been the recipient of several awards, including Superintendent of the Year Award and the Leadership of Learning Award. Dr. Champlin is dedicated to helping districts replace the bureaucratic system of school administration with dynamic, high-functioning organization.

Dr. Champlin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Drew University, a Master of Arts degree from Montclair, New Jersey State College, and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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