Keith Simmons is in his fifth year as principal of Griffin High School in Griffin, Georgia. A career-long educator, Keith followed a path that included a variety of opportunities to learn and grow as an educational leader. Beginning in his hometown of Kissimmee, Florida, he worked in various roles, including special education teacher, dropout prevention teacher, and administrative dean.

In 2010, Griffin High School was designated as a persistently Lowest Achieving School. Since then, Keith’s commitment to increase students’ access and exposure to academic rigor and CTE programs has resulted in dramatic increases in student attendance, student achievement, graduation rates, and community partnerships. In March of 2014, the Georgia Department of Education recognized Griffin High as an Advanced Placement Honor School.

Keith’s leadership preparation includes a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and an Education Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction. While continuing to pursue his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Keith is also enrolled in the Superintendent Professional Development Program at Georgia State University.