Lynn Erickson is recognized nationally for her work in the design of concept-based curriculum, instruction, and standards-aligned curriculum. For over a decade, Ms. Erickson has traveled around the country and the world to help schools improve their curriculum and instruction. Before becoming a consultant, Lynn spent 37 years on the front lines of education as a teacher, principal, curriculum director, and adjunct professor. Lynn is the author of three books in which she shares her strategies about how to deeply reach every learner.

Through our products featuring H. Lynn Erickson your system will:

  • See why concept-based curriculum and instruction engages and motivates students far beyond traditional methods.
  • Examine how curriculum moves from facts to topics, to concepts, and to enduring understandings.
  • Recognize the importance of integration for an effective, concept-based curriculum.
  • Learn how to scaffold to more sophisticated levels that meet differentiated needs.

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