Motion Leadership

Michael Fullan is the former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. He is known internationally as an innovative leader in teacher education and leadership. He participates as a researcher, consultant, trainer, and policy advisor on many educational change projects with school systems, teachers’ federations, research institutes, and government agencies. From 1998 to 2003 Dr. Fullan led the evaluation team which conducted the 4-year assessment of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy in England. After completing this assessment, he was appointed Special Advisor to the Premier and Minister of Education in Ontario.

Dr. Fullan has many books and articles on a wide variety of educational topics.

He has published widely on the topic of educational change. His most recent books are The New Meaning of Educational Change, 3rd Edition (Teachers College Press), and Leading in a Culture of Change (Jossey-Bass).

From our products featuring Dr. Michael Fullan your system will:

  • Gain a broader understanding of the school-change process.
  • Learn to create collaborative cultures within the school.
  • Identify strategies to assist principals in becoming leaders of change.
  • Explore the shared purpose for student learning.
  • Mobilize the community for positive school change.
  • Observe what successful schools are doing to increase community involvement.
  • See a proven process to improve the quality to learning.
  • Learn to push beyond the implementation dip.

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