Evaluation and Assessment, Intervention Program

Steve Shaha has worked, consulted, and spoken nationally and internationally for twenty-five years in a wide variety of industries and educational settings. He specializes in guiding organizations to maximize their ability to achieve their measured performance goals, increase alignment among stakeholders, and strengthen organizational integration.

Dr. Shaha holds two masters degrees and two doctorates in Research Methods and Applied Statistics and in Business Administration. He spent time as a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Evaluation at UCLA and has taught at six universities. Dr. Shaha served as a member of the team that created and piloted the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Healthcare and Education. In addition, Dr. Shaha has presented over 100 professional papers, has over 200 publications in print, and has written two books.

Dr. Shaha has worked with the educational departments of six foreign governments and seven states and with over twenty school districts. He has also worked in a wide variety of non-educational institutions, including three years as the Special Assistant to the President of Coca-Cola. Dr. Shaha has worked with over 200 non-educational institutions, including Disney, U.S. Navy, Marriot, Pfizer, Intel, AOL Time Warner, IBM, Ritz-Carlton, and Johnson & Johnson. Sixty of these 200 organizations have been on the Forbes Top 200 List.