Educational Leadership

Dr. Terrence E. Deal is an internationally renowned speaker and writer specializing in leadership. Dr. Deal’s expertise in educational leadership comes both from his time as a teacher, principal, and administrator and from his research as a professor.

Dr. Deal earned his Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Sociology from Stanford University and has taught at Harvard, Stanford, and Vanderbilt. He has retired as the Irving R. Melbo Clinical Professor of the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education.

Dr. Deal has written 20 books and over 100 articles and book chapters on organizations, leadership, change, and culture. Many of his books are best-sellers and have been used by corporations and educational organizations around the world to encourage leadership and promote positive change.

From our products featuring Dr. Terrence E. Deal your system’s principals will:

  • Come to understand the principal’s role as a manager and leader in change.
  • Learn ten steps to effectively manage change.
  • Explore how to build a school culture to promote growth and meaningful change.
  • See why and how students should be the focus of change.
  • Discover why the principal must foster teacher empowerment.

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