Impact Study Projections: Edivate’s Potential Impact on Society

A 20-Year Projection of Edivate’s Impact Could Mean a Decrease in Government-funded Welfare and Healthcare Costs, and an Increase in Earning Potential of up to $85 Billion.

Rigorous studies have repeatedly shown that effective, personalized PD, such as Edivate, can transform teachers, students, and schools. But can transformed teachers, students, and schools significantly impact society as a whole

A study published in 2016 in the Journal of International Education Research shows the exciting potential effects of high-impact PD on society as a whole. Previous PD studies strongly indicate that academically successful students are much less likely to be a financial burden to society and more likely to be a force for positive change in their communities. Based on those findings, researchers created a model illustrating how academically successful students could positively affect societal statistics. The results were dramatic.

Academically successful students could have an overall impact on society at a savings of over $3.7 billion in the first year of implementing the Edivate learning suite in public schools across the nation. When those impacts are projected up to 20 years, the U.S. could see, conservatively, a decrease in government-funded welfare and healthcare costs, and an increase in earning potential of up to $85 billion.

When educators maximize high-impact professional development such as the Edivate learning platform the potential for societal benefits is undeniable.

Shaha, S. H., Glassett, K. F., Rosenlund, D., Copas, A., Huddleston, T. L. (2016). From Burdens To Benefits: The Societal Impact Of PDL-Enriched, Efficacy-Enhanced Educators. Journal of International Education Research, 12(2), 77-86.