Maximizing User Impact Study No. 4: The Long-term Impact of Edivate

The Rate of Student Gains Increases over Time with the Greatest Gains Seen by the Seventh Year

A study published in the Journal of International Education Research tracked the improvement in student test scores over time in schools that used Edivate.

The results revealed that schools with consistent implementation were not only more successful in the long run, but their rate of gain increased over time, going up substantially after two years of implementation, rising even more at five years, and increasing at the greatest rate by the seventh year.

The results are definitive: the longer teachers use the Edivate PD suite, the more student performance increases.

Shaha S. H., Glassett K., Ellsworth, H. (2015). Long-term Impact of On-demand Professional Development on Student Performance: A Longitudinal Multi-State Study. Journal of International Education Research. 11(1), 29-34.