Maximizing User Impact Study No. 6: Effective Teacher Observations

Schools with a Higher Teacher Observation Rate See Gains in Math and Reading at 7 Times the Rate of Schools with a Lower Teacher Observation Rate.

Research documented in the Journal of College Teaching & Learning found that schools that use effective teacher observations followed up by targeted professional development experience a significant rise in student assessment scores.

Data from 202 schools—roughly 187,000 students—showed that the schools with a higher teacher observation rate experienced growth in math and reading at seven times the rate of gains achieved by the schools with a lower teacher observation rate.

The message is clear: a powerful educator effectiveness process drives remarkable gains in student achievement.

Shaha S. H, Glassett K., Copas, A. (2015). The Impact of Teacher Observations With Coordinated Professional Development on Student Performance: A 27-State Program Evaluation. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 12(1), 55-64.