User Impact Study by Demographic: Title I Schools

In Just One Year, Edivate Schools Show a 13.2% advantage in Math and a 4.6% Advantage in Reading over Non-Edivate Schools.

Research published in Contemporary Issues in Education Research compared two groups of teachers in 422 Title I schools. The group that participated in Edivate and Observation 360 showed significant student gains in reading and math, with gains of 5% and 7% respectively. The group that did not participate in Edivate but still participated in traditional PD, saw gains of a mere 0.1% in reading and an actual ­decline in math proficiency of -5.9%.

The evidence is clear: the Edivate is successful in helping even Title I schools defined as “disadvantaged” achieve success beyond expectations.

Shaha, S. H., Glassett, K. F., & Copas, A., Ellsworth, H. (2015). Title I Schools: The Student-Based Impact Of Online, On-Demand Professional Development On Educators. Contemporary Issues in Education Research, (8)4, 227-234.