Is This the Holy Grail of Student Facial Expressions?

Thinking Tools for “A-ha” Moments

For educators, is there a more anticipated and rewarding moment than this?

the aha moment

This girl attends a school in the UK that has adopted the Thinking Schools program. (Learn more about Thinking Schools here.)

One of the central strategies that Thinking Schools use to promote higher-order thinking is a technique called “Thinking Hats.” Our 4:51 video above explains how the Thinking Hats technique helps students analyze situations using a range of cognitive and emotional skills, such as gathering information, identifying pros and cons, reporting feelings, and seeking creative explanations.

Students who practice discussing issues from the perspective of various Thinking Hats develop critical thinking strategies that can serve them in the classroom—as evident in the pictures above—and for the rest of their lives.

Download the guidebook for the video here.


Teach us: How do you challenge students to reframe their perspectives on the problems they encounter? Add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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