We will discuss how the Community Engagement Council represents the community voice and works as a mediator between CPN and community residents to identify needed programs, partners, and resources to implement change successfully.

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Providing a quality education doesn’t just happen in the classroom.

Join LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon and Sherrie Snipes-Williams to discuss Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN), a non-profit in South Carolina that involves the community in providing school services and resources to support student academic, social, and emotional development.

These webinars will be directed to school and district administrators and support staff.

In this webinar, you will:

  • See how the program was developed and how it has improved the education in Charleston’s low-income neighborhoods
  • Ask questions to the CEO and the Director of Education Initiatives of CPN
  • Develop ideas on how to implement similar programs in your area

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You can also learn more about Charleston Promise Neighborhood in this keynote address, presented by Sherrie and LaTisha at the 2013 School Improvement Innovation Summit last July. Watch on our YouTube channel.