Professional Growth & Competency System Webinar – April 5 – 2PM ET

One persistent critique has persisted over the years in regards to professional development: Why has it not worked?  Join School Improvement Network to learn how to implement a Professional Growth & Competency System which flips engagement and application of the learning away from the system and back to the professional educator.   

A Growth and Competency System addresses three critical questions for classroom teachers that govern their engagement in professional development:

  1. What do I need to do? Growth and competency breaks down professional learning to finite and observable skills that the teacher can quickly practice and master in the classroom. 
  2. Why does this matter? These skills are then organized into competencies that illustrate a teacher’s proficiency in the classroom, allowing the educator to apply the learning rather than just comply with PD mandates.  
  3. How do I know I’ve mastered what I am expected to learn? Because skills are observable, professional learning is measured by rubrics and evidence, rather than seat-time, and recognized through badges and micro-credentials. 

Growth & Competency is designed around four key steps of engagement: Assess, Learn, Practice, and Master—each the subject of future webinars.  

A Growth & Competency System provides educators and administrators alike with the opportunity to transform professional learning into true professional growth.  Learn why this matters in this webinar presented by Curtis Linton, Chief Officer of Education for School Improvement Network.

Suggested Audience: District and school administrators, instructional leaders, teachers


Curtis Linton, Chief Officer of Education for School Improvement Network

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