Making T-TESS Evaluation Easier with Edivate Observe

With the school year now in full swing, most administrators are turning their attention to teacher evaluations.

Evaluations play a critical part in the T-TESS growth model, and having the right tools can mean the difference between conducting evaluations that serve as powerful opportunities for teacher growth and those that fall short.

That’s why Education Service Center, Region 20 and School Improvement Network have partnered to create “Making T-TESS Evaluation Easier with Edivate Observe.” In this free webinar we’ll:

  • Discuss the challenges that principals and instructional leaders face when implementing T-TESS
  • Introduce you to Edivate Observe—an on demand evaluation resource that makes it easy for administrators to provide teachers with T-TESS-aligned supports and world-class online PD resources
  • Show you how Edivate Observe is saving valuable time for administrators in Region 20 and helping teachers throughout Texas reach their full potential

Join ESC 20’s Shannon Allen and School Improvement Network’s Ben Goodro for “Making T-TESS Evaluation Easier with Edivate Observe” and turn the challenges of evaluations under T-TESS into one of your school’s greatest strengths.

This webinar is free and will be recorded for all those who register.  A certificate of completion will also be made available.

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