T-TESS for Administrators: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Tools You Need to Succeed

Find Out What Changes T-TESS Will Bring to Your Role as an Administrator and What Tools Can Help Turn Challenge into Opportunities for Growth

Based on feedback from the 64 districts that piloted T-TESS in the 2014-2015 school year and over 200 districts piloting this year, we know the challenges T-TESS presents—especially for administrators. It’s no surprise that finding the time and resources to support every teacher and effectively filling the role of instructional leader top the list.

So what can you do to prepare?

Join Dale Latham of ESC Region 11 and School Improvement Network’s Ben Goodro as they discuss some of the foundational changes that T-TESS brings and the challenges that principals and instructional leaders face implementing this new growth model. They’ll also show you how Edivate, the New PD 360, is being used by ESC Region 11 and ESCs and districts across the state to help administrators save time, hone effective coaching skills, and provide their teachers with the resources and support they need.